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Diamond Textiles was founded in the late 1980’s and has remained a family company through to this day.

Our drive for innovation continues as we develop new ways to increase the durability, colour fastness and quality of the schoolwear product.

We have manufacturing facilities in the UK and India

We are able to facilitate larger orders from our offshore plant which has been purposely built in the textile manufacturing region of North India. This plant has the exact same set up of machinery and processes, and uses the same yarns that we use in the UK.

Manufacturing both in the U.K and abroad allows us to remain competitive and provide the very best product to our customer with a range of quantities and delivery options.


Bespoke Ordering Service

Although we carry many items in stock in a wide range of colours, here at Diamond we understand the need of individuality to showcase your personal identity and style. With this in mind we are able to produce bespoke items in our various colour ways to create an item that is truly unique for your needs. For more information on this service please get in touch.

With our headquarters based in Leicester, East Midlands, we have a customer base that spreads throughout the United Kingdom and to the rest of Europe.


A family-owned business with family values

We operate the business with the same family values and morals upon which the business was founded. Ensuring that all of our business relationships are conducted in this way is the key to Diamond Textiles’ principles and its success.

We make every effort to take care of our customer’s needs, with strong principles that are customer focused. Through these values we have become recognised as a trustworthy supplier, offering a personal approach to all businesses. We take great care in satisfying our customers in the best most possible way.

At Diamond our Ethos is to value all of those who work with us. We are an ethically aware company ensuring that all of our staff are treated with dignity and respect and have a safe environment in which to work. This practice is operated across all of our manufacturing plants to guarantee that all regulations are applied and adhered to.

We are mindful of not only our staff but also of our supply chain. As industries grow, we are becoming increasingly aware of our environmental footprint. Here at Diamond Textiles we took this initiative when we first began manufacturing and are proud to say that we use 80% regenerated cotton for our fabric backing. Therefore whether purchasing our schoolwear garments or fabrics, all customers can be satisfied in knowing that they are buying from an environmentally conscious source.