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High quality, durable fabrics and garments for the schoolwear market

We manufacture fabrics and garments to the highest possible standards

Our garments are stocked in a fine gauge knitted acrylic poly cotton fleece, developed ourselves over the last 30 years. We believe this blend has the best durability for the schoolwear market; however being specialists in fleece fabrics allows us to offer our customers a wide range of options including single jersey, interlock and elastane fabrics for other types of production.


Crew Necks



Jog Pants



Polo Shirts


Choose from 40 different colours
or develop your own shade

We hold a vast array of colours and styles of our fleece school wear in stock; with the ability to order bespoke items with different colourways, trims and patterns. The company directors work personally with yarn suppliers to develop and regulate all colours with consistency and continuity. We pride ourselves in being one of the few companies that works with their customers to develop their own specific shades*, as well as having a wide range of specialist colours available to manufacture.

*on request


All our garments use 80% regenerated cotton

We took this initiative when we first began manufacturing and are proud to say that we use 80% regenerated cotton for our fabric backing. Therefore whether purchasing our schoolwear garments or fabrics, all customers can be satisfied in knowing that they are buying from an environmentally conscious source.

Our yarns are spun to our specific requirements to manufacture our products. Our knitting machines convert this yarn into fleece fabrics which are used to manufacture the schoolwear items that we distribute to our customers.